The Importance of maintaining door lock cylinders

Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee Audi A4 Door Lock Cylinder

When was the last time you used a key to open your door? Lack of use and lack of maintenance is the two main reasons why at Nelsons Automotive Of Pewaukee we find that a large percentage of cars we service have seized door lock cylinders. Now you ask why that is important, when all I need is my remote to get into my car. Try opening your car with that remote when the battery is dead on the car or your key fob, it won’t work. You then reach for the key and come to find the lock cylinder will not move. You now need to make a call to a lock smith to break into your and then have it towed to me to replace the cylinder and key it to match the rest of your locks. An expensed worth avoiding as well as the hassle and inconvenience of it all, don’t you agree? This is why we recommend every 12 months or every 15,000 miles the lock cylinders be lubricated with graphite lubricant to help avoid going through this painful ordeal.

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