“Power Steering: Keep Headed in the Right Direction”

Power steering is standard on nearly every car and truck these days. Now there are some exotic, new types of power steering systems, but for the most part, the heart of the system is a pump that’s driven by a belt powered by the engine.

The pump generates boost that assists you as you steer your Sedan. Power steering systems use hoses to move pressurized fluid back and forth. These hoses can develop leaks so it’s a good idea to inspect them at every oil change.

A check of the power steering fluid level is on the list for every full service oil change because low fluid can damage the power steering pump. And the fluid needs to be compatible with the hoses and seals, so you need to use the correct type –just ask Cindy or I when you visit us at Nelsons.

In addition to providing boost, the fluid cleans, cools and lubricates the power steering system. The lubricants and detergents are depleted over time so you need to replace your old fluid with clean, fresh fluid periodically.

Excess moisture can collect in the power steering fluid as well. That can lead to rust and corrosion as well as reduce the effectiveness of the fluid. Many manufacturers specify power steering service intervals in the owner’s manual. Unfortunately, this important service is sometimes left off the maintenance schedule. When in doubt, every two years is a good fallback.

Our auto service center in Pewaukee will use a detergent produced by BG called Quick Clean to clean the system, flush out the old fluid and replace it with BG synthetic blend Power Clean power steering fluid. If you car has less than 75,000 miles, your power steering system will be covered under the BG Protection Plan for Life giving you peace of mind knowing that if something fails, you are covered.

Now, if you are experiencing high steering effort, erratic power assist, loud whining coming from the pump you may have a power steering problem. Another sign is that you have to frequently top off the fluid.

power steering pump

Holding the steering wheel to the far right or left for more than a few seconds at a time can wear your pump out real fast. Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee wants you to be sure to service your power steering system regularly to keep you headed in the right direction.

Contact us at Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee for questions about your power steering.

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