How Catalytic Converters Work.

Great Converter Video

Catalytic converters are one of the most expensive emission control items on our cars that have been there since I’ve worked on them. They are a piece of the puzzle that allows us to drive on our highways or walk in a highly congested area of vehicles without putting on an oxygen supply.

Yet when someone needs one of these replaced, they tend to not want to spend the money as it gives them no direct benefit other than to turn off that big yellow check engine light. In reality we should be excited to be replacing our worn out catalytic converter as it is so important in keeping us driving combustion engines and yet not leaving the person behind you green and nauseous.

The one thing they don’t speak of in this video is the difference in the original equipment converter and the less expensive converters. I would like to tell you that someone on the end of the supply chain is just pocketing some extra cash, but that isn’t the reason. They talk about very expensive metals that cause the reaction to occur and are the key to the whole thing working. Well the OEM suppliers are regulated under different standards than the aftermarket units. This is why a factory built converter can sell for $1600.00 while the aftermarket will sell for $800.00. You will in some cases install the less expensive unit and shortly after have the same failure even though the unit was installed to specification.

So when your supplier is recommending the more costly option, remember, there is a very good reason for it and the money you spend will be to preserve our very precious God given air we breathe and our children will breathe till the combustion engine runs out of things to burn.

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