BMW 750 Li (E66) transmission failsafe message

Some BMW’s equipped with ZF Six Speed Automatic Transmission will have the transmission go into fail safe mode and will feel like the transmission is low on fluid. We had this one towed in and found the seal located between the Mechatronic (valve body) and the case failed causing this and numerous codes.

SAM_5300      SAM_5305

Some shops not knowing how this complicated transmission works might sell you a transmission when they check the fluid level and find its not low and actually seems overfull. Luckily our shop is equipped to handle these tough repairs and were able to quickly repair this transmission and put this customer back on the road for far less than a complete overhaul.


If you drive a BMW or for that mater any German built car such as Mercedes, Audi, VW and Mini. We would like to see you soon.

Jim Nelson

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