Total Vehicle Care Package

We just performed another Groupon, Total Vehicle Care Package and our customers comment was that he originally thought he was taking really good care of his vehicle until having us go through it. He was very surprised to find that the place that had been changing the oil on his higher mileage 2002 Tahoe had not noticed any of the things we pointed out. Even he had noticed the slow crank time and the sporadic low coolant light but never though much of it. The things we did find are as follows:

• The engine coolant dripping off the bottom of his engine from some kind of leak
• The very loose front wheel bearing, I mean VERY LOOSE.
• The rear air compressor that never turned on for his air shocks
• His tires that were ready for replacement even though they didn’t have many miles on them
• The front brake rotors that were rusted so badly that the inner brake pad was not touching a large part of the surface.
• His not very old battery that was failing its test miserably and needed replacement
• The leaking front axle seal and badly cracked AC drive belt.

This is a great example of why just an oil change and 23 point inspection by an uncertified tech just isn’t enough and that having a comprehensive inspection done periodically is so crucial to helping you better plan and budget for you vehicle expenses. For anyone wondering, a Total Vehicle Care Package consists of a Level 1 – 111 point inspection and an oil change, a new set of wipers and BG MOA added to the crank case. The service has a starting price of $119.95, a Level 1 Service which does not include the wipers or the MOA has a starting at price of $69.95 and is recommended to be performed as much as every 6 months depending of course on the type of driving habits. Not too much to spend to ensure safe and trouble free driving.

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