My Dealer In Pewaukee Closed: What Do I Do?

My Dealer Closed: What Do I Do? New car dealership closings are all over the Pewaukee news. Nearly 800 Chrysler dealerships canceled. About 1,100 GM dealers’ contracts were not be renewed after October 2010. And record numbers are just shutting down because they aren’t selling enough cars and trucks to stay in business.

It’s estimated that some 40,000 dealership service bays could be taken out of service in the next year or so.

Of course, this is a tragedy for those who work at our local Pewaukee dealerships and the owners that risk losing much of their life’s work. Our Pewaukee communities will lose some of our best corporate citizens. Think of all the youth sports team, service clubs and Pewaukee community events that have been sponsored by our local new car dealers.

One question we hear a lot at Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee is, ‘Who will service my car?’ Pewaukee folks are concerned that they will not get the care and attention they need. They’re wondering where they will find trained technicians in the Pewaukee area. Will they be able to get quality replacement parts for their vehicles?

Fortunately, the Pewaukee automotive aftermarket is ready to fill the need. As one of over 200,000 independent service and repair facilities in North America, Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee is here to help. Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee has been the backbone of the automotive service and repair industry for Pewaukee and will continue to provide this vital role.

My Dealer Closed: What Do I Do? Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee has the latest diagnostic and repair equipment, access to parts and repair databases, and a commitment to the highest standards of technician training. The reality is that our independent service center in Pewaukee is ready to service all your vehicle’s needs – and we always have been. We don’t have to ‘step up’ to the task – we’re ready now.

Many consumers in Pewaukee have known this about the local Pewaukee independent service and repair industry and have used it for all their non-warranty work. And they have enjoyed greater convenience and have saved quite a bit of money along the way: The average independent service and repair center in Pewaukee costs 34 percent less than the dealership.

And of course, Nelsons Automotive of Pewaukee has access to the very same replacement parts as your Pewaukee dealership as well as a selection of superior parts for greater reliability and enhanced performance. And we can source parts that may help with a tight budget as well.

So in the midst of uncertainty surrounding dealership closings, know you can turn to your local Pewaukee independent service center to take care of your family’s safety and to keep your vehicles performing well. You’ll save some money too. And that’s good news in these times.

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