Nissan Altima tough Fix Solved

Problem started with a check engine light, Code p0745 and an intermittent hard shift in 1st and second gear.

2003 Nissan Altima   Pressure Contol Solenoid 2003 Nissan Altima

You are looking at the pressure control solenoid inside the transmission. One wire is the control wire and the other 1 inch wire, going to an eyelet, is the ground. That crimp had failed over time and started causing an intermittent hard shift from maxed out line pressure. We were able to see a perfect looking control signal on our scope even during the failure but found the current would drop to zero. After pulling the pan and inspecting we found we could grab the wire and lightly pull it right out of its crimp. A little solder and a re-crimp and all is well. Suspect the crimp was never tight enough and over time the arcing eroded away enough wire until it completely failed. This is similar to a spark plug electrode wearing away and at some point causing a misfire.

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2 Responses to Nissan Altima tough Fix Solved

  1. Fernando says:

    I have a 2000 nisssan Altima code p0705, it means neutral switch failure, it has been changed twice, and it still does not work the od, this happens some times not always, what other posibility could be

    • Jim Nelson says:

      P0705 indicates the Transmission Control Module does not receive the correct voltage signal from the switch based on the gear position. The technician diagnosing your problem will need to verify what the TCM is seeing with a factory compatible scan tool and then test backwards from there. It sounds like the person diagnosing your problem is using the “shot gun” approach to diagnosis by assuming the code tells you what part to throw at it. This technique can become expensive and if its tested by an experienced diagnosis technician the problem should be fairly straight forward to repair. A $90.00 part replaced twice plus labor and its still not known whats wrong is a very costly diagnosis fee. With our diagnostic charge, our shop would guarantee the diagnostic result is accurate by guaranteeing you the part we install will repair the vehicle.

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